The Original Articles

These are all of the original articles from Holyhellfire in its first incarnation, from latest to earliest.


Outlaw’s Prayer

Interim Update

The Trump Checking Starts

Dirty Harry Sums It Up

They’ll Be Back

HE WON!!!!!!!!!

This Is Treason

650,000 Emails

There Is a God!

OT Deficit

The Fattest Girl in the Bar

My Formal Statement To Mrs. Clinton

On Hillary Clinton (Call to Action, Part II)

Why We Have the 2nd Amendment (Call to Action, Part I)

When a Good Job Makes You Weak

On National Pride

The Untold Recent History of Black America: A Primer (Part IV, Finale: Analyzing the Charlotte Riots)

The Untold Recent History of Black America: A Primer (Part III, The Political)

On Working

Profile Plug #1

r/K Selection Theory in the ‘Hood

The Untold Recent History of Black America: A Primer (Part II: The Culture and Economics)

Why Men Are Majority of Taxpayers: An Argument

This Is What Happens

Trey Gowdy and Loretta Lynch (Truth vs Lies)

Shoutout to Fathers

The Untold Recent History of Black America: A Primer (Part I: The Music)

On Maternity Leave Law

July 5, 2016, 11:15 A.M.

Guest Post: Observations on the “Hood”

Interim Vacay

Depopulation and Feminism

The Postfeminist Hustle (“What Now”? Part IV, Finale)

Shifting Morality of the Aspiring Professional Man (“What Now?” Part III)

When Gangbangers Look Good (“What Now?” Part II)

I Hate Taxes (“What Now?” Part I)

The Apex Fallacy

Why Marriage Is a Lie (not Gonna Get It, Part II)

Say Goodbye to the Gentleman (And Hello to the Merc)

An Introduction and Rant (Guest Post by Mithrawnudo)

The Setup (Not Gonna Get It, Part 1)

The Best Anti-Abortion Argument Ever

Why I’m Pro-Trump

The Broken Social Contract (Female Hypergamy 101)

Why Not?

In 20 Years, College Will Be Finishing School For Women

What Black Lives Matter Is Really About

Why I Will Be Writing About Black Culture A Lot

Why I Cite Marriage for Behavior Cues

Feminism and Original Sin (Part III)

Feminism and Original Sin (Part II)

Feminism and Original Sin (Part I)

The Guys Who Made It (Through College)

Nuclear Warfare and Masculine Decline

The Spark (Introduction)