The man and The Man

-This is dedicated to my father, who has been an exemplary role model, and whose continuing presence in my life is way more than I ever could have hoped for. “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been […]


-This post is dedicated to┬áthe titular woman. Sorry, Snorlax, but this time you done went too far. -There is a man who is a deacon in a church. He has a wife and two sons, both of which are fiery, one more mentally, and one more physically. The church is located in the ‘hood in […]

Outlaw’s Prayer

-The following is an excerpt from a prayer journal: “In America, men have essentially been neutered by the government. If one is to act as a man would act, good, bad, and all, one will be subject to the right hand of Uncle Sam; [we face it] either directly, or through an angry woman. The […]

Interim Update

No particular dedication today, just an update as to the status of this blog, and some housekeeping. As of the last month-and-a-half or so, I have been having to make some decisions and Faustian-esque (kinda, not really…) bargains in order to free up from having to depend on or bow to mainstream, Corporate, or Statist […]

The Trump Checking Starts

He has reneged. I’ll wait until after his first 100 days are over, and if she isn’t facing some kind of trial by then, my vote for his reelection is now in question. I voted for the man, and proudly so, but I will be holding him to standards just like I’d have roasted her […]

Dirty Harry Sums It Up

-This post is dedicated to Clint Eastwood. Badass incarnate. –This clip is from the 1976 film The Enforcer, starring Clint Eastwood as Detective Harry Callahan. It is simply prophetic, and indicative of just how long these kinds of issues have existed in the cultural mainstream. This is why. This is why people like me believe […]

They’ll Be Back

-This post is dedicated to my homeboys PT, The Earl, and Mr. Madness. You know who you are… -Remember the Terminator?┬áRemember his most famous phrase? It applies now. “I’ll be back.” We just won a huge battle. The fate of America for at least the next 50 years was in peril. The forces of evil […]