-This post is dedicated to the titular woman. Sorry, Snorlax, but this time you done went too far.

-There is a man who is a deacon in a church. He has a wife and two sons, both of which are fiery, one more mentally, and one more physically. The church is located in the ‘hood in a big city. It is staffed, among others by a rather large woman named Carol.

Carol has been working in the church nursery for at least a decade. She is still working there. Carol has become a single mother of one child, and apparently is now the mother pf another. Carol took a while to arrange this, and did so deliberately. This is well known; the deacon’s wife informed the mentally fiery son.

This revelation to the mentally fiery son caused him to fall into a blind rage, and to text his deacon father. What follows is their exchange:

Mentally Fiery Son (MF): “Heard about Carol too BTW. Long as the government pays folks like her to be single moms, I won’t ever respect them and will try all ways possible to not pay them taxes, simply so that my tax dollars won’t [fund] more single motherhood. Screw that, that should not be possible, that’s bullcrap plain and simple.”

MF: “In other words, if the State is gonna keep usurping fathers’ role, then F— those jagoffs. I will try my best to get back at them.”

Deacon Dad (DD): “Hey bud, yeah gave some thought to your comments…I don’t make the rules but do have a responsibility to abide by the laws of the land


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