Outlaw’s Prayer

-The following is an excerpt from a prayer journal:

“In America, men have essentially been neutered by the government. If one is to act as a man would act, good, bad, and all, one will be subject to the right hand of Uncle Sam; [we face it] either directly, or through an angry woman. The prospects of provision, skill building, mentorship, camaraderie, and mastery of craft are all fading; we are treated as mere cogs in a machine. Our society and our women give us no respect, and we are seen as criminals and outcasts.

“The horrendous combo of women and big government has managed to take everything that was good about being a man and twist it into a weakness.

“I hate this system. It takes from me, and uses my labor, my tears, sweat and blood, to power itself. It gives me no benefit I could not otherwise derive. It hurts me and millions like me. It is huge. It must be stopped.

“I do not want one more iota of my labor to be given to that foul behemoth. I tire of seeing legions of young men unable to thrive, displaced by legions of government-enabled women, hindered by opportunity-destroying technological advancement, and ever more undercut by foreign sources of cheap labor. I tire of the ever-growing hordes of single mother and displaced fathers and violent bastards. I refuse to put any effort into a system that promotes this and has taken men’s roles in society. The wives and children many of us would’ve had, we cannot have…because they took our birthright.

“I ask of you: Make this right. Let the men be able to provide for themselves and their families. Deny the government the power to corrupt men and women and destroy families. Let those responsible for this evil system be held accountable. Bring justice and retribution to this madness. End the hordes of single mothers, and let 2 parent families return en masse. Dethrone Uncle Sam, and let the Patriarch reign once more. And grant me the honor of being a vessel used to do so.


-The Outlaw


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