Interim Update

No particular dedication today, just an update as to the status of this blog, and some housekeeping.

As of the last month-and-a-half or so, I have been having to make some decisions and Faustian-esque (kinda, not really…) bargains in order to free up from having to depend on or bow to mainstream, Corporate, or Statist America. This includes things like changing jobs, investing more time into businesses, and some changes in educational progress. This stuff takes time to implement, sadly, so I have not had as much time to pour into the fire that is Holyhellfire. I will probably reach out to my co-author for some interim publications.

In addition, I will begin researching material for some heavier, meatier economic, spiritual, social, and political articles which cannot be done with my current knowledge/database, but need to be done. Several drafts are already in the works, but more research is needed to ensure veracity.

Finally, I will begin writing in a more polished tone, as this blog will begin to be shopped to a larger, more diverse audience, including some older Christians, and as such you will see fewer “vulgar” articles published, as I lapse less as a Christian practitioner myself. Rest assured that the fire will still be there, but I will be expressing it through more colorful language….just not the color blue. So, a lot of my “F*cks” will be exchanged for “Damns”, and so forth and so on.

Bearing all that in mind, expect some heavier, but still interesting content, starting in early to mid-January, and a steadier pace of about an article per week (unless I get pissed off…then the fire pours out), still covering the same topics, but probably heavier in economics, as I will be reading some Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, Adam Smith, ect., and as I have a small business in the works (and it is more than a notion, I assure you!). So, as a teaser, here is a short title list of articles in the works. Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and enjoy:

-Cake Layer Theory

-Outlaw’s Prayer

-AST: Active Suppression Theory

-Somebody Pays For Her (This one’s been on the backburner for a while)

-A Flip Side of Misery

-Why Masculine Strength is Overt: The Importance of Masculine Institution

-Flint, Michigan: A Study of Missing Men and Present Politicians

-What They Leave Out (Why the Church is Institutionally Feminized)

-A Man’s Job (Is…what?)

-From Chrome to Piston: Making Fathers Irreplaceable



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