They’ll Be Back

-This post is dedicated to my homeboys PT, The Earl, and Mr. Madness. You know who you are…

-Remember the Terminator? Remember his most famous phrase? It applies now.

“I’ll be back.”

We just won a huge battle. The fate of America for at least the next 50 years was in peril. The forces of evil (Led by Hillary Clinton, globalist billionaires, sexual perverts, Arab oil magnates, and other shady characters) were poised to strike a crippling, and possibly fatal, blow to the nation. We were about to be done for. They came at us with everything they had; media smearing, rape accusations, lies, distortion, and even (most frighteningly) the twisting of the Law itself. This was our Brexit. This was our second Revolution.

Trump is no saint either. He has his share of legal issues, and he is definitely no moral paragon. He is perhaps too blunt for a statesman, terminally narcissistic, and overly brash and arrogant. However, he also is not above the law. He is not hellbent on the complete subversion of and inversion of the nation’s laws and cultural roots. He is not insistent that the few rich corporatists overrule the masses of destitute laymen. In summary, he is workable (not perfect, but workable).

If Hillary had’ve won the election, there are 2 reasons why she would’ve spelled doom for the USA. One, she is guilty of treason by violating national security protocol, yet was not punished and instead the law was reinterpreted for her. Even the FBI admitted that the law would not be so loosely applied (and indeed it is not) if she were anyone else. When you put someone who is demonstratively above the law into highest power, you have elected a tyrant. Rule of law would be severely and almost certainly irreparably damaged. Respect for law enforcement would be massively diminished, and Brazilian style corruption would become the new normal. Even worse, with her history and stated appetite for banning and restricting gun possession by law abiding citizens, she would forthwith act (disregarding the Constitution and its Second and Ninth Amendments) to effectively disarm or severely inhibit the legal authority backing law abiding gun owners. She may lie about everything else, but on this issue, I am one of many millions of citizens who take her at her word.

Second, this president has the chance to appoint justices to the Supreme Court. This is very important, as these justices in the highest court of the land decide legal precedent and interpret laws, which, in some cases, holds for centuries. Furthermore, Justices in the Supreme Court are not held to term limits, and only leave via death or retirement. Hillary Clinton, if elected, was sure to appoint a liberal leaning (or possibly more than one, depending on current lifespans) SC justice, which would sway the balance of the Court solidly Leftward. This is a critical point for a great many reasons, as this man goes into detail noting (starting at about the 18:30 mark). At the most basic, this president will leave a mark on the country lasting for decades, and if that mark was hers, you could have rested assured that moral standards and long held religious mores would have been shattered, as well as religious and personal liberties and freedoms.

They came at us strong, and they almost won. Thankfully, we have repelled them, at least for the time being.

Evil never sleeps, though. Neither do cultural Marxists, Liberals, Feminists, or any of the other modern “Progressives”. They are already stating on their talk shows that they’re not going anywhere, and they’re not taking this defeat lying down. They say they will fight till the death, and I believe them. So should you. I wish that they’d have instead gone to Canada like they jested, but that was just comedic fantasy; they’re here to stay.

They’ll be back. Next election cycle, next midterm election cycle. Next week. Next semester. Once they get done crying, screaming, pouting, and calling all Right and Centrist leaning people names like racist, race traitor, coward, ect, they’ll be right back at their task of pushing American culture, politics, law, and trajectory Leftward. They’ll keep pushing for more government power and control and centralization. More regulations. More welfare. More gender and sociosexual confusion. More homosexuality forced down everyone’s throats. More forced “tolerance” (oh the irony). More decadence and degenerate behavior. More relativism, moral and otherwise. More single mothers. Fewer fathers. More horrid State-run education. Fewer guns. Less religious discretion. More Feminism. Less healthy masculinity. More lies. Less truth. More evil. Less good.

These things are their end (stated or not). These things are what they came very close to seeing realized on a level never before seen in the good ole’ US of A. They were just a few states short of (and a number of fraudulent ballots above) nearly absolute power to impose their will upon everyone for at least a half-century. But thank God that we held them back. For now.

So be vigilant. If you’re newly woke to what’s happening, stay up. Don’t drop your guard, not for even a second. They work tirelessly, slowly, and gradually. They slip laws in here, college classes and ideals in there, policies in at the 11th hour. They never cease, and nor should we. It is our complacency which got us here, and it is our complacency (especially as men) which will cede cultural, legal, and moral gravitas to them and their dark desires if we, drunk on our victory, waver from the focus and gritty execution of our duties to combat their incessant assault.

Yes, Trump won. Yes, this means we may get to have a few things our way for a short while. But the stream of cultural progression flows opposite to these occurrences. We must hold our own accountable, keep our opponents honest, and shore up our stances while we still freely can.

I close with this Biblical warning: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8, ESV).

Stay woke, good peoples. Stay woke.


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