This Is Treason

2 points:

  1. They’re still letting Hillary slide. Technically, though, that case ain’t closed yet. If Hillary wins, it will effectively be shut down.
  2. Obama just implied (quite strongly) that illegal immigrants can vote and face no consequences.

Now, as bad as the mess with Hillary is, what Obama just did is worse. Much worse. Basically, a sitting US president has just endorsed lawbreaking, and in the worst way. The burning question is: If you’re considered a citizen just by voting, WHY BOTHER IMMIGRATING LEGALLY? Also, what is the difference between a legal citizen and an undocumented immigrant? It seems to me that illegals may actually have a higher status. Actually, Obama just confirmed that this country is, in effect, borderless. If you can’t see why this is wrong, you need your head examined. It can be legally argued now that Obama has committed treason and should be impeached and jailed. But he won’t be. None of these corrupt politicians will be. Not until a lot of regular folks get fed up enough to force them out of power.

In the last year or so especially, Democrats and establishment politicians and political figures have shown that if you have enough power (and even in some cases if you don’t), it is fine to break the rules and the law. This is a horrible example to set, yet they set it daily now. The question rings loudly: Why follow the rules if they won’t be enforced? Why bother doing the legal thing when illegal actions are dismissed and not prosecuted? Is justice blind in this country?

Answer: No, justice is weeping and under attack.


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