650,000 Emails


They found not 1,000, not 2,000…but 650,000 emails on Huma’s laptop. That’s well over a HALF MILLION. How these bitches are not in jail is a mystery to me!

If Clinton wins after this, it’s revolt time, baby. Strap up, gentlemen…sh*t just got real. This election cycle, man…I just can’t…

Also, going back to my F you on James Comey, I have to make an apology: You were a coward, but God forgives sin, and so must I. Just get it right this time, and make sure that bitch FINALLY goes to prison, like us regular Americans would. Instead, I must now say: Fuck you, Obama, and fuck you Loretta Lynch. You are both lyin’-ass cunts; go fuck yourselves. At this point, I’m asking the question we all want to know: What the hell else are they hiding!?!

Also, pray for those CNN anchors…they’re on suicide watch.


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