On Hillary Clinton (Call to Action, Part II)

-This post is dedicated to hardheaded liberals everywhere. Wake up, numbskulls.

-This is a continuation of the last post, as I left out 1 major argument. Most will figure it out from before, but there is a constant question that many liberals ask: “Why do you need [insert scary gun here]?” In statement form, it’s: “You really don’t need to have a/that many [insert scary gun here].” Here I answer that question once and for all: The Second Amendment is not about what kind of guns you need. That’s not the point.

The idea behind the second amendment is this: The people should be able to be armed equal to the army, so that the government cannot overpower its citizens. The proper response to the “You don’t need…” quip is: “Then why does the government need it?” The most likely answer will be something about how the government is the protector and defender of the people. That is true, but the government is also a very powerful force, which can corrupt its administrators. As the saying goes, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The point here is that there must be some other force which is powerful enough that the government must respect it, and cannot therefore just do whatever influential political figures want to do. That is why private citizens can, and should, be able to own .50 caliber rifles, ARs, AKs, and other such cold steel tools.

Now, onto Hillary (*shivers*)…


This election cycle is scary. We have an asshole on one side, and a criminal on the other. If you’re wondering why Hillary is a criminal, look up anything about her email scandal. You’ll figure it out. This should get you started. Point blank, she should be in jail. Unfortunately, it seems justice is not blind anymore in the US, and so now she may (and as one who wants ANYONE other than her in office, I HATE to admit this) very likely become our 45th president (that hurts like hell to type, believe me). Much as I hate to say it, I think people like me who want a modicum of self-sufficiency will be outright outvoted by women who want a vag in power no matter what, people who want more government benefits, blind minority voters who will vote Democrat even if Satan was the nominee (I’m looking at you, Black people), and weak, bitch-made men like James Comey (Fuck you, dude. Just fuck you. You are a national disgrace). Plus, the establishment will try everything possible to tip the scales in her favor. I hold out very little hope that she won’t win the election (but I’m still definitely voting Trump).

I have never seen an election which so threatens the very fiber of our nation’s existence. Understand that by electing Hilldog, this nation will be putting a known criminal into power. This calls into question the legitimacy and effectiveness of the government, and puts all number of government agencies at risk of losing any moral authority which they formerly had. At that point, the very legitimacy of the office of President will be undermined.

To make matters worse, Hillary has stated in no uncertain terms that she will be coming after gun ownership. The Clintons have a long history of being tough on guns. If she says, “You can keep your guns,” think about when Obama said, “You can keep your doctor.” These corrupt politicians have ZERO problem with straight up lying to the population to our faces, and that ain’t changing anytime soon. With her, we know what we’re getting, and she is going to give it to us, good, long, and hard. Honestly, a nation that would elect a criminal deserves whatever that criminal does to them. If she wins, I will feel no remorse or sadness for most of the nation; we have made our bed, and we will damn sure be sleeping in it.

But to those who oppose such corruption (even if it means voting Trump, and at this point, it does), and will have to live under her corrupt rule, understand something: Now is the time. We can’t wait.

Begin getting involved. For God’s sake, if you’re planning on getting any firearms, get your necessary permits and licenses now. Go to your local gun store and get acquainted with the dealers. I have been to the gun shops in my area much more lately, and I assure you, people are coming in, talking, and getting strapped. A lot of people are of like mind that another Clinton presidency means you better get whatever you’re going to get BEFORE it starts. Get an ammo connect if you can; I guarantee you that ammo won’t be going down in price any time soon, at least until after a Trump victory. If Clinton gets in, I’m not even wanting to imagine what prices will do.

Get involved in politics at the local level, where you can make more of a difference. Get to know who your representatives are. Brush up on the Constitution. Learn some survivalism. Start training in the arts of self defense. If you are going to start some side hustles, now is the time.

And for the love of all things law and order, VOTE!!! I know, I know. No, Trump is not perfect. He is not a true Republican, nor are many (some would say any) of his policies great. Personally, I don’t think much of him. The thing is, the other 2 non-Hillary choices are, frankly, petered out. Sadly, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein aren’t that viable for an election like this. There are other minor parties, and if I can’t convince you for Trump, at least don’t vote Hillary. Seriously. There is only one candidate under Federal investigation; only one candidate with a creepily long body count, and only one candidate who has gotten a pass for compromising national security, and her name is Hillary Rodham Clinton (or as I like to call her, That Lying Bitch).

Once you put a criminal in office (and not even a lowkey one either; this woman makes Nixon look like Saint Peter), all bets are off. At that point, to me, the government has just become an unhinged, potentially destructive, force, and men like me are exactly the sorts of people who will tend to get attacked first. So, if you have any sense of justice or decency, I BEG YOU, do NOT not vote, and DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY. A vote for her is a vote for a criminal. She WILL, even if she doesn’t make one law or pass one executive order (which I HIGHLY doubt), have direly negative consequences on this nation if she is allowed to be President; if not now, then down the road.

This election may be the last stand for many freedom-lovers. Vote. Get involved. Fight back like your life depends on it.

Because if she gets elected, it very well might.



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