Why We Have the 2nd Amendment (Call to Action, Part I)

-This is dedicated to all true American patriots, preppers, and concerned citizens. Our government is going to Hell at a record clip, and it’s time to get ready for the worst.

-A Mexican standoff is when (usually 2) people are locked in a situation where neither can make an action without causing a destructive reaction to themselves (funny example here). On a larger scale, this is called Mutually Assured Destruction. In one of my first posts I touched on this principle. I have a gun at your head and a knife at your throat, but you have a gun at my head and a knife at my throat. Now we are limited to implying, posturing, and head games, because neither of us wants to be shot and stabbed, but both of us want to shoot and stab the other. In engineering language, this would be called a state of dynamic equilibrium; one change in one force for whatever reason could change the situation at any split second, but for the time being, you and I are evenly matched and deadlocked (Arr). As Sir Isaac Newton proved, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The Cold War and every major war since WWII have become much less bloody and much more about politics, image, and covert operations because of this. Basically, all the major world powers are in a perpetual Mexican standoff. We all have nukes, we all know we have nukes, no one wants to get nuked, and if anyone launches one on anyone else, WW III will commence, and a lot of people will be turned into so much ash and atomic shadow (Fallout series, anyone?).

A person was here…and burned by lovely radiation

So, because countries now have to find ways to sort out their differences without going all out, we have a (much more populated and prosperous) world where nations engage in endless proxy wars in less powerful regions (like the Middle East), play tons of political head games, do strategic troop movements and nuclear testing, and issue endless sanctions and other such screaming. It’s all head games on a global scale. It’s a huge Mexican standoff.

The thing about a Mexican standoff is that it forces people to play nice. If I walk into a building with evil intentions and I know everyone is unarmed, and I am heavily armed, then I can impose my will onto those sheep and make them do what I want (at least until some other armed people, usually cops, show up). If, on the other hand, I know that people in this building tend to pack heat, I have to adjust my plans; I don’t want to risk being in a standoff or being shot from behind. So, people like evil me will tend not to bother people in areas where we know that retribution will be swift and lethal. This is why there is a saying: “An armed society is a polite society.”

This is a part of why Black American neighborhoods tend to be more violent than, say, Asian American neighborhoods; in Black neighborhoods, which tend to be run by Democrats, guns and other weapons tend to be illegal to have, and so only the lawbreakers tend to have them. Likewise, the country tends to be less violent than the city; people in the country are not only more isolated (so crimes of opportunity are much rarer), but also more well armed than city slickers. There are more situations like this, where the principle is that equal and opposite levels of deadly force tend to promote peace, in a shaky, yet consistent manner.

By now you should know where I’m going with this. You have a people, and their leaders (their government). The people tend to have a lot of guns. The government knows this, and also has a lot of guns and men trained in their use. If the government has to deal with an armed populace, it has to respect them to a greater extent; it has to reason with them. On the other hand, many of the greatest genocides in human history have occurred when the government has the upper hand on the governed in terms of lethal force. In other words, when the people and their government are in a Mexican standoff, the government tends to have to stay decently accountable to the people, and vice versa. When the people get the upper hand, French Revolution-style chaos can ensue. When the government gets the upper hand, people like Chairman Mao do what they do. Note Mao’s famous quote: “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun.”

Even Dr. Dre has it figured out: “Who is the man with the master plan?
A nigga with a motherfucking gun.” All laws likewise flow from the barrel of a gun, as the gun is the premier tool to force compliance; to enforce good, or to perpetrate evil. However, all a gun ultimately is is a sleek collection of wood, plastic, and metal. It also just so happens to be really good at killing people and animals. However, no gun can ever fire a shot without a finger on the trigger; the gun does not decide its use. That is the job of the gunman. And all of this is the base logic of why America has the famous Second Amendment.


When the founding fathers drafted the Constitution, they were very intent on ensuring that the government could keep the people in check. They insisted, however, that likewise, the governed should be able to keep their rulers in check as well. They came up with ingenious systems of checks and balances to ensure that neither the governed could get too out of hand (leading to anarchy), nor could the government get too out of hand (leading to tyrannical despotism). However, the nature of governments is to grow and grow over time, so the more important check is of the governed over their government. Note (from the link above) that most mass killings in the last century, and in mankind’s history, were not from war, but from tyrannical rulers enforcing their will upon their subject populations.

The Second Amendment can be argued to be the most ingenious idea our founding fathers ever came up with, because it sets up the ultimate check on government overreach: A huge intranational Mexican standoff. The citizens of this nation (for now) have the freedom to arm themselves up to the level of the government (except if you’re in leftist hellholes like The People’s Republic of Kalifornia or the Killing fields of Killinois, where the government is slowly gaining the upper hand on unaware citizens who don’t understand why they had the rights which they had). The legal system and punishments for misusing this ability to be armed balance out the anarchist tendencies which would flow from too many armed individuals conspiring. This system of government is a big part of why the U.S. has been fairly stable, as world governments go, for most of its existence; flaws and all, this nation has been very blessed, and a big reason for that is the inherent stability of a Mexican standoff.

However, lest we forget, a Mexican standoff can end tragically at any second. This is why the Second Amendment MUST be preserved. If, at any moment, the government can get enough of a monopoly on firepower to render its citizens effectively powerless, it would only take one bad leader (like Hillary’s corrupt ass) to spin this nation into a despotic bloodbath. At this point, a weak government is not even a feasible possibility, but a tyrannical, unaccountable one is a VERY real threat.

Our government has just about gotten to the point where it will begin to really test how weak and controllable its citizens are. It has been growing in size and power by leaps and bounds, especially after 9/11. It has been violating laws it has set for years now, and in a way, this election cycle is government more seriously testing to see how malleable its citizens are; if Hilldog wins, the fact of the matter will be that We the People will allow corrupt politicians to openly break all manner of laws, and still rule us, even at the highest levels of power. Such bad apples are very likely to want to increase their power, and more importantly, to silence opposition. They’re already doing this via social media bans and shadowbans.

Once Uncle Sam has a metaphorical gun to our heads, but we have nothing to point at him, he doesn’t have to reason with us anymore, does he? What he says, goes, or else. He now has the master plan. If We the People are in ANY way serious about preserving our way of life, it is high time we got up off our duffs, woke up from our prosperity-induced stupor, and began working to shrink our government back down to a manageable size, and to force our political leaders to once again be held accountable to us. Because the last check on a tyrannical government is an armed, awake, and aware citizenry, and if we fail to preserve our right to bear arms, then our Mexican standoff will become a Stalinist bloodbath REAL quick.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live in a Mexican standoff than die in an execution.

-There will very shortly be a part 2. Peace.


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