Why Men Are Majority of Taxpayers: An Argument

-This post is dedicated to Judgy B*tch (A.K.A. Janet Bloomfield), mostly because of her post that covers the hard data.

-It is not the easiest of undertakings to go into the meat of this. JB has done the legwork for sure on this one, and as such I am just going to add a few points. Not much linkage needed other than connecting some dots for this one.

For one, it is interesting to note just how underrepresented men are as a group when it comes to policy. Listen to Hillary, for instance, talk about her state outreaches to women and girls around the world. Note how many laws and bills enacted these days give women special protections and privileges. In fact, I challenge you, in the comments section, to list any laws passed in the last 5 to 10 years that specifically benefit men (you’ll be looking for a while, I guarantee). Funny how women use the government to specifically benefit them, ain’t it?

Second, and this is a spiritual point, a pastor by the name of Myles Munroe (R.I.P.) has some excellent, albeit long, sermons on the natures of men and women. Note, especially, the part from 16:53 to about 33:40 (in the first first video link), where he lists out many of the problems resulting from the present masculinity crisis. Also note the part starting about 1:09:00 in the second video link where he talks about women incubating and repeating. One theme he points out in his sermons on relationships is that men and women are created ultimately as a fulfillment of God’s love. One thing about love: it must be shared. God created humans as an object of His love. Likewise, God created men as vessels of expression, and women as vessels of reception; love must have a giver and an object of the gift. Men are programmed to give, and women are programmed to receive, or in feminist speak, men are actors and women are objects/objectified.

The biggest dark side of the system we have now is this: Women, via their majority voting power, use the government as an alternative to men. Ultimately, as JB noted, taxes are a resource transfer tool. Men, via taxes, are extracted from, and women are given to. Because of this, women can get the provision of men without any requisite requirement of themselves. This is important, because in addition to receiving, the object of love must be joyful of the gift for the giver to be happy. Think about it…if you love someone and then give them something (the natural outpouring that love entails), and they then scorn your gift, do you feel good or bad? Now magnify this a million times. Uncle Sam has effectively blocked a measure of love between the sexes. Perhaps this is why women seem increasingly unhappy as our feminized society chugs along.

This perversion may explain a number of things, from the obesity epidemic (Why bother keeping up your appearance to gratify others when you can make it just fine without doing so and Uncle Sam makes sure you don’t have to strive to get your food?), particularly in women, as men are visually stimulated, to the sluggish economy (men are increasingly sensing that their labor is being usurped and they are being slighted, leading to lower workforce participation, because nobody like being on the raw end of the deal). Maybe this explains why.

Maybe, just maybe, it is time our societies began to take things like this seriously, and began to do something about them. Maybe it is time the church started speaking up about how legally and socially shafted many men are these days. Maybe it is time we stop getting the government to protect women, and we started incentivizing men to do so. Maybe we don’t need a government social safety net, because we already have a better one: the nuclear family. Maybe it is time we reasserted the role of Father and kicked Uncle Sam the Usurper out of it for good.


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