This Is What Happens

-This post is dedicated to Colin Flaherty (you’ll see why in a second).

-Mr. Colin Flaherty has a saying: “Don’t make the Black kids angry.” I have an addendum: “This is what you get.” If you haven’t been under a rock, you know that Charlotte, NC is now a mess. Rioting, looting, ect. are all going on (hopefully it has died down as of this post’s publishing time). This is Ferguson, MO all over again, and there are 2 reasons why, summarized by that phrase: This is what you get.

This is what you get when you set up a government welfare state which dethrones the role of the father in terms of provision and authority. These people rioting are, I guarantee you, disproportionately young men who have the time to do so. They have the time to do so because their real daddy, Uncle Sam, provides for them and their (predominately) single mothers so that they do not have to work to survive. In other words, welfare creates a price floor above what working a job would pay them (that is, if they could even get a job at all), so why work?

Jobs and working are about more than just providing sources of income. Working is about keeping idle minds busy, especially those of males; jobs and working are particularly important to men. This is why the Bible notes that if a MAN (Andros in the Greek) won’t work, let him not eat (II Thessalonians 3). This is why in Genesis 2 and 3, God first gave Adam a job (name the creations), and then cursed Adam in the area of work after the Fall occurred (Remember my old post series?). There is no such strong exhortation for women to work in the Bible. This is because men, are, for all intents and purposes, human bullets and bombs; they will move in a direction and they will cause an effect. Whereas women will not generally tend towards violent action if left alone with nothing to do, the nature of the elevated testosterone levels in males of many species of living beings, including humans, means that men need to be doing something pretty much constantly, as that is how they are wired. If left alone and not coerced into some other productive course of action, men will tend toward violence.

Why is it that so many boys in our school systems today have to be drugged to get them to sit still for 8 hours? Because they naturally want to move! Males are created to be active. Who does the fighting and violent aggression? Who builds human architecture? Who sets up and runs nations? Who does maintenance of structures? Who invents technology? You know who, and they don’t come with boobs, that’s for sure. Men are, quite simply, built for action. Note that this also explains why feminists constantly portray women as victims and men as perpetrators; they are right in expressing the nature of the male and female. Men act; women, government and society react. Lil Wayne has a quote in his older hit song, “A Milli” which sums it up: “I do what I do and you do what you can do about it.”

The old system of men working outside the home, and providing for their families, while women stayed inside the domestic sphere and cared for the children, works very well and causes civilizations to grow and flourish. Look at any and all successful civilizations throughout human history and you will see some variation of this scheme. This is because it is the most efficient manner of channeling male human nature. Males have a strong inborn set of desires: To create, to procreate, to provide, and to destroy. The system of men providing for women and their children channels all of the first 3 desires, while limiting the scope of the fourth and effectively turning it into protection (in other words, fathers and family men will, in general, tend to destroy and act aggressively only when they or their families are in danger or in training for when their families are in danger, not randomly). Civilized society happens when the majority of men are incentivized via having a woman and children (basically marriage, which, again, you will find in all successful, and most unsuccessful, human civilizations across history) to productively channel their natures. When this is not done, chaos will ensue.

A corollary to this point it this: you cannot, and I mean CANNOT, have a successful society when you have a mass of young, uninvolved men with no prospect of having jobs or families they are expected to provide for. Put them in some kind of jobs corps, put them in the military, put them in prison and force them to labor (oh wait…); SOMETHING…but do NOT just leave them to their own devices. In America and Western society, feminism, combined with government muscle (thanks, 19th Amendment) have done just that. These two joined forces have wrought havoc on the fabric of our society, and riots like Ferguson and Charlotte are a clear sign. Instead of exhorting men to work, our society pushes women into working and “careers”, even at men’s expense. Instead of respecting marriage, our society has completely perverted it to the point that it fails to serve its intended purpose. Instead of allocating enough jobs for young men to work in and earn enough to support wives and families, a combination of feminism, government meddling, globalism, overeducation, and technological obsolescence has pushed too many men out of the workforce. Instead of men providing for and protecting women and children, the government has taken over this role and pushed men out of it (and I must say, us men do a MUCH better job of it). Instead of respecting men, our society denigrates, shames, and punishes them.

Finally, this is what you get when you do not respect human nature, specifically how the male and the female interact. This saying deserves some contemplation: You do not respect men for what they do; you respect men for what they could do. Our governments in our Western societies have effectively become the enemy of men. I personally have decided to abandon the traditional path to a “career” because of this scheme of things: Governments have effectively stripped men of the ability to raise a family via weak marital laws, feminist inspired domestic violence laws, excessive credentialism (for many jobs you do not need a college degree and twelve years of garbage public schooling; you need experience gained by doing them!) and overregulation of the free market system. Governments have stripped men of the respect they once got in working via forced coed work environments, affirmative action mandates, ever increasing usurpation of women via paper pushing government jobs (one less potential wife, one more government drone), sexual harassment briefings (Had to lighten this up a little bit) and policies, and sexual misconduct laws (HINT: Men work best when there aren’t women around to distract them! This is why the old sailor’s sayings about women on ship being bad luck came to be). Yet, governments still expect a decreasing number of men (the majority of taxpayers) to foot the bill for all of their bullsh*t. I say nay.

What you are going to see more and more of is the natural response to governments saying, in effect, “F*ck you” to the men of their governance: We will burn this MF down. Because, ultimately, that is what you get. That is why male suicides and uninvolvement in society are so high. That is why so many men are being imprisoned. That is why the economy is stuck. And that is why America is slowly crumbling: Either you respect the Man, or he will destroy you.

The post on why men pay more in taxes is on the way by Sunday. Until then, peace, even for Charlotte.


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