Trey Gowdy and Loretta Lynch (Truth vs Lies)

This is (relatively) old, but  gold. We have a professional bullsh*tter being questioned by a (relatively) objective truth-seeker. As long as people like Lynch are in high positions in our government, my respect for Uncle Sam as a competent, benevolent entity is nil, and my taxable income will be as well.

As far as lying goes, though, Lynch is as good as they come. Her droning monotone and constant, yet consistent long-winded dodging of his questions, and her ability to constantly repeat the same lines of bullsh*t over and over is textbook political dialect. She says a lot while saying absolutely nothing, while he speaks bluntly and directly, using his words as probes. The differences in language are stark. I would never want to play this woman in poker.

I am very concerned, though, that a liar of this caliber is the current head of our justice department. I would like to think that telling the truth is an integral part of properly administering justice, and as such, anyone who can effortlessly spit lies like this woman can being nominated for such a position is very distressing to me. It frankly angers me that part of my paycheck funds this lady’s salary, and I fully intend to minimize my taxable income on the basis that there is no way people like Lynch could ever fairly represent me or any regular Joe Blow.

For another excruciating (or amusing, depending on your viewpoint) bit of Lynch lying her head off, see here.


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