Interim Vacay

-Dedicated to no one in particular, but some housekeeping here:

-I am faced with the following existential questions: What do you do when you believe (and have a lot of solid evidence to back it up) that society in general is ambivalent about your existence at best, and passively hostile to it at worst? What is our next move when you struggle with purpose, but need food in your belly to continue struggling (and have ruled out suicide as an option, though many others of your kind did not)? When the traditional methods of employment are closed off to you, and when you resent the thought of funding the very apparatus designed to crush you? In other words, where do we go from here?

That was the fuel for the last big series, and there are more coming, but the fight for those answers is heating up, and some are actually materializing. Other series do await, but for now, posting will be more scarce, as I am taking a while to aggressively pursue some more creative ends to those means.

Plus, classes are out for now, so there’s that. Look for me to be back closer to July.


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