The Postfeminist Hustle (“What Now”? Part IV, Finale)

-“Cash knows neither names nor faces.”

This guy gets it, by the way.

-Now we get down to brass tacks. This is for the man who hates how the modern feminized workforce is hanging him by his job. The man who wants to make good money but hates how Uncle Sam wastes it. The man who wants to be well-employed, but is not interested in being disrespected by women  and society, and wants to keep as much of his earned income as possible. The man who wants to produce, but not for others to take the fruits of his labor. The man who wants to earn all of his hard-won dollar.

These are not just tactics, they are paradigms; viewpoints on the whole business of earning, producing, and consuming. There are names, faces, but moreover, ways of life. They are disjointed, but together they form a potent set of philosophical weapons to help the ambitious man go out and get his…and give mere peanuts to the society which scorns and disrespects him.

DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating violent or drug crime. I am not promoting theft of any kind, murder, rape, blackmail, ect. The most I advocate here is earning money from providing goods and services to others in exchange for resources, all while minimizing or eliminating taxes, and eliminating the restrictive nature of the modern pussified workplace. I do acknowledge that these tactics are amoral, and can be used for ill means, but it is up to the reader to decide the ethics. As for the drugs, after having seen what they do to the users (except marijuana…that’s a natural herb, and didn’t even used to be illegal, and is legal in 4 states anyway), I cannot condone dealing. I am an ideological gun dealer here. I don’t, however, provide the trigger fingers.

Money is, first and foremost, a means to an end. Money is not an end in itself. What makes money so powerful is convenience. In basic economics they say money guarantees a double coincidence of wants (you want what the other guy has and he wants what you have, every time, with a monetary system, if you are trading money for things). In other words, we use money to get stuff, and the reason we value stuff in terms of money is because that makes it easy to compare stuff in terms of value. Therefore, to value having and getting money just to have more money is a dangerous mindset to have. If, for example, the Fed prints 10 trillion dollars tomorrow, then that makes every dollar currently in circulation worth a lot less very suddenly. Then you get massive inflation rapidly (hyperinflation), and just do a study of Argentina in the late 1990s or the Weimar Republic of Germany to see how that goes.

Money just facilitates trade. It is, in general, better to have valuable stuff than lots of money. This is a big part of why doctors and lawyers tend to have big, nice houses (also, in the case of doctors, malpractice doesn’t affect ownership of the house…). It is also why having some gold/silver in a safe deposit box somewhere may be a good idea. Though money does yield options, and it is a good idea to have some on hand just in case, remember that it is more about the things. This principle also helps when operating a small business or cash side hustle; maybe instead of being paid in dollars, you could ask for guns, comic books, silver dollars, or free room and board instead.

It’s not about how much you make. but how much you keep. Yes, there is a large masculine attraction (and the masculine competitive spirit plays a big role here) to posting big income numbers, but nowadays this can backfire, because (1) taxes on income are high, many, and rising, (2) gold diggers are a thing, and in general leading with money is a horrible idea unless you want high-end escorts (and even then, you don’t need to pop six figures to have some good ones regularly). “Hey babe, I’ve got $” is Beta as all hell, and (3) in the age of female independence, she could just counter with, “I already pay all my own bills, booboo.” Simply put, when making career choices, calculate net income (after taxes), subtract expenses (gas, cost of living, ect.), and figure the difference. Sometimes you keep more by earning less, and keep less even though you earn more.

Most big money spent by men has, on some level, something to do with getting/keeping women. I have no stats or links to put here, just think about it, and the implications of it. If you are a bachelor, live like it! The single biggest advantage to being single for a man? Near zero cost of living. That’s why they’re trying to force single men to pay more into the system and giving them fewer breaks. No woman who truly loves you should ever be more interested in your wallet than in you.

There are many more ways to profit than by working for someone else. America needs more entrepreneurs anyway, and you may as well try; they’ll offshore your industry/automate your industry next. When you get rid of the mindset that having a job guarantees any sort of safety, a lot of other options become feasible.

Shady though they are, successful gangsters, successful businessmen, and successful politicians have a lot in common. One can learn a lot about how to run a business by watching successful rappers and drug dealers. Personally, I have modeled some of my past and future hustles off of drug dealing (don’t hate the player, hate the game. Actually, watch the game and learn to twist it to your ends).

All laws and collection practices are enforced, at some point, by the barrel of a gun. If you have a solid pricing strategy and solid collection muscle, the underground market starts looking a lot nicer…

Get out of debt, and stay out of debt. If your woman advocates going into debt, ditch her or deny her. Debt is slavery (and caving to women is for sissies, unless you are, in fact, in the wrong). We are going for freedom. On a related note, college is a waste of time for men, unless your degree translates directly into gainful employment (you will be taxed, but you’ll at least come out in the black). This usually means STEM or sometimes Business. Liberal Arts is a total waste for men; just go read at the library. If you want to pick up college chicks, just move to a college town, stay erudite (the smarter girls tend to be more worth the effort…and note that they tend not to be Liberal Arts grads), wear a backpack, and impersonate. Your controversial ideas and some well-placed game should serve you well; college is increasingly just finishing school for girls. Note that if you believe in “no sex till marriage”, this will have limited value; college girls tend to not want husbands until later in life (~30). Good luck.

Knowledge correctly applied is power and profit.

Have some F YOU money saved up, so that if you have to go 2 years between jobs, you can do so comfortably. This also gives you walkaway power from a job you hate, as if you have that much stashed, you can simply tell your jerk boss “F*** you!” and leave.

Minimize your taxes by any means necessary. Starve that parasitic welfare state beast! Note that if you are self-employed, you can write off much more tax-wise than if you are just an employee in a company.

Read some Ayn Rand (John Galt), Adam Smith, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Milton Friedman, and Sudhir Venkatesh. Also the guys who wrote Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics, as well as Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett. I could go on, but that will give you a solid basis in economic reality. Their works are also very interesting.

Credentials don’t necessarily mean that the holders of said credentials are competent. I work in an academic environment right now with a bunch of female Ph.Ds who are idiots when it comes to business practices, and guys with only G.E.Ds who are ten times as smart as they are. If you are going to get a credential, do so in the mindset that getting it will be worth the time and money  spent in the acquisition.

Never make decisions based on “That’s just how people do it.” Following the crowd is for sheeple. If it makes no sense in your case, don’t do it. This goes triple for college.

Time is the one resource which is equally distributed to everyone alive every day, is always running out, which you have less of every second, but have no idea how much you started with until you are dying, and which it is impossible to get more of. You can always (one way or another) get more money, but you can never get more time. Women actually seem to get this more than men when it comes to life choices. No amount of money is worth making yourself miserable over and past a point, it all just turns into numbers. Is making more money really going to make you happy, or could you be just fine living on less? This is a question millions more Americans will be asking in the coming years, as we continue into economic decline.

When you labor, you are trading time, energy, and resources for (hopefully) more resources than you started with. Know why you labor, and use your labor as a means to an end. As Ecclesiastes says, however, if you can find joy in your labor, that is a blessing from God.

As for my strategy on how I will achieve: my ideal dream setup is to have one or more side-businesses going (all under-the-table or net-zero taxed LLCs) which I focus more ambition into, and some middling-at-best (say $50k/yr) low-energy job on the legit end (and if I can do cash deals on the side, I won’t hesitate). I am a big fan of knowing skills (and this has changed the direction of my educational pursuits entirely) that can be used to make income on the illicit/black market AND in the taxable-income world.

Having valuable, in-demand, high-level skills is a must. There is a proverb that goes, “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men.” Perhaps this is the biggest point of all: No matter how bad the economy is, what currency or barter they trade in, what power is in control, or what foolish laws make life hard, a man with expertise in a valued skill/skills will always be able to turn a profit.

Finally, ditch the word “career” from your lexicon. Careers are for women. Men with dangerous opinions can’t have careers. In a very real sense, the taxable-income job market is increasingly a woman’s racket; men must look elsewhere and create other platforms to survive. So when you think of long-term earning or moneymaking in general, it is best to abandon the ideas and strictures that come with that God-awful word. I have said it before, and will say it again: To hell with whoever coined that blasted word.

Hopefully this may help some young man trying to brave the chaotic river of survival in this feminized, parasitic, punk-based society we live in, so that he no longer has to ask, “What now?”


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