Shifting Morality of the Aspiring Professional Man (“What Now?” Part III)

-“Jesus said to them, ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.’ And they marveled at him.” [Mark 12:17, ESV]

-We are near the end of these tirades, for now. This is a look into the shifting morality of proper (non-illicit or illegal) workplace participation, and a summary of the shifting mentalities of some aspiring professional men.

Last post, we delved into why conventional employment is ever more restrictive to men.  A summary of the major reasons were: (1) Taxes which support bad causes but are forcibly extracted, at ever higher effective rates, (2) Female “independence” courtesy of the welfare state, and (3) Political Correctness and its restraint on free speech. Honorable mentions from the first post are: (4) Male susceptibility to female sexuality (and make no mistake, women don’t just check their major advantage over men at the door of the ol’ 9-5), and (5) restrictions on hiring by the government.

At this point I will explicitly state my shifting opinion on taxes. That verse up top does influence it. Government has become corrupt at its core, and is very antagonistic toward men who don’t toe the PC line, or who think and act for themselves. However…it still does serve a purpose. Sometimes (not often, but sometimes), it actually does do good things. Like infrastructure upkeep, the occasional correct application of punishment to criminals, and most importantly, enforcing a sort of order on the population. I am not an anarchist at my core. I do dislike the US government and its lies a lot, but no government at all would be worse. I believe in Romans 3:23 (My paraphrase: We’re all, us humans, messed up). Anarchy, true Anarchy, where people do what they want with no governmental push back of any sort, gets you Baltimore (as those hoodrats are basically unrestrained at this point, and riot, pillage, and plunder at will), but worse. To me, bad government beats none at all (albeit barely), and so I actually would not support dodging taxes entirely, entirely being the operative word here.

What has changed for me is in the phrase “What is Ceasar’s”. This may well be a misinterpretation, but my mind has shifted in what belongs to Uncle Sam that I earn. I get that you should pay something on account of living here, using public services and structures (like roads), and having a (still fairly) peaceful environment, compared to, say, the Sudan. I also used to think that how much Caesar should get is how much Caesar asks for. That has changed.

When I look at how inefficient our government is, and how much money it wastes, and how politicians just make this worse every year, and how at this point, there is basically no hope of the US ever being debt-free, despite the trillions of dollars Uncle Sam gets every year in tax revenue, that alone has made me change my tune. I used to look at the government as being a neutral-to-good force of society. No more. Now I look at the government like a man looks at his fat ex-wife who divorced him for alimony and demands more every other month: give that slag as little as is humanly possible, even if you’re just going to waste it on hookers and blow.

So how much goes to Caesar? Well, practically, 10k or less annually is my goal. This is because I intend to keep a lower-income legit job, so I will pay some money in income taxes and social security, ect. However, remember that a direct tax on income is only a fraction of the taxes we all pay, no matter how much income we report. There’s sales tax, property taxes, forced insurance, that penalty for not taking Obamacare (and the single biggest reason I dislike Obama), gas taxes, user fees, the hidden tax of inflation when the Fed just prints more money, business incorporation fees, ect. Caesar has many ways of getting his money, whether you pay income tax or not. So, on a philosophical basis, I do not believe in paying any taxes on what I make; I’ll pay taxes when and as I spend it. However, since keeping a legit job is a good way of keeping the IRS and the Feds off your radar, and more importantly, you off theirs, that figure is: as little as possible, and if it comes to zero, heck yeah!

But it is more complex than that. We are talking not about just taxes here, but the overall plusses and minuses of holding a mid-to-higher level paying job (say $40k+/year with benefits). The listed factors in the second paragraph come into play. For many a man, a job is his Achilles’ heel. It is what the government and society use to strip his manhood away. He must bite his tongue, ignore his instincts, suffer abuse he would otherwise balk at, and only express his real opinions anonymously, lest a coworker see them and report them to his bosses, and he be fired. This is, as was noted, more and more true. Men are ever increasingly forced to swallow feminization, PC bullcrap, and stupid policies, all in the name of keeping their precious job. For many men, this is a life of slavery, worse even than in the cult classic movie “Office Space”. All that hustling, and all that tongue-biting, for ever decreasing rewards.

To add another element to this, this whole series of rants is about being an employee or small business employer (but mostly an employee). So, you are, as an employee, no matter how productive, making much more money for someone else than for yourself. You take (a little) less risk, but at this point, that slight decrease in risk simply doesn’t outweigh the gains in security. Listen: There is no such thing as job security. All i takes is a few bad days, a woman’s word/accusation, or, as in my old job, one no-call no-show on your part, and they will start shopping applicants to your position. It’s just like with women: There’s always another guy waiting for you to mess up, so he can swoop in. If you’re going to make any money in this life, risks must be taken. As a man, you are already more inclined to take and manage risks than a woman, and in our current society, women actually increase job risks for men anyway, and add entirely new kinds of risks (mainly sexual). So, if you’re going to risk it anyway, why not throw away the facade of security that a “good paying” job brings, since it really is a facade (even if it is a government job…there’s still a risk of you losing it, especially if your views on men and women are not PC). That makes looking at moneymaking have a whole new flair.

Times have changed, and if you, as a man, expect to be able to be a masculine man and earn a living, then overall, conventional employment is losing viability everyday. On the basis of taxation alone, it should be increasingly clear that the male who wants to earn more will have to get creative, especially if he wants to be able to freely express his opinions. In the next, and final, post of this series, I will give my 2 cents on some strategies, and an answer to the question of “What now?” Stay tuned.




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