I Hate Taxes (“What Now?” Part I)

It’s finals time, so this and two other posts are all that are going to show up here until mid- to late- May. But I had to do this one for sanity’s sake. All of these are dedicated to Drew, who sparked the idea for this, and James LaFond (Check his site out here), who pushed these ideas to the forefront of my mind.

Perhaps you’re a guy who agrees with all, or at least most, of the following statements. Perhaps you have never thought about them, but when you read them, they will resonate with you. Perhaps you may even be stirred emotionally by them, especially in light of recent firings of people from places like ESPN, just for stating politically incorrect views. Whatever the case may be, I doubt many men can, at their core, disagree with all of them outright.

As a man, I must at least provide financially for myself; nobody will care for me if I can care for myself. At the least, I will feel ashamed living off of others. Nowadays, most women insist on being financially “Independent” of my provisioning, due to their being able to receive massive amounts of income from the government, and will likely end up alongside me in the military or the workforce. I, as a man, am prone to make politically incorrect statements. I also, as a man, find it hard/annoying to constantly have to control/suppress my sexual urges around my female coworkers/fellow soldiers. I find that an all male unit/work crew is where I am the most productive, due to my sexual instincts for women being dormant and my focus thus being undiluted. I find that I can speak much more freely, act much more in line with my natural instincts, and be much more carefree, yet productive, when I don’t have to worry about pissing off/offending the wrong woman.

I understand that this nation is a nation of two classes of people: The economic producers, and the economic leeches. I understand that, were I to be a productive worker within the traditional employer/employee paradigm, a large chunk of my labor would be taken, directly and indirectly, from me in the form of various taxes. I understand that a large portion of those taxes will go to fund abortion, social security, welfare programs which effectively steal the role of husband and father from millions of men, government waste and corruption, studies on why lesbians get fat, corrupt family court officials, public schools which are nothing more than daycares, corrupt teachers unions, corrupt unions, and a million other things which I may not agree with, fiscally or morally.

Knowing all of this, I would like to be a productive member of society, but I would also like to work in an environment where I can be a man without having to constantly kiss derriere and look over my shoulder; an environment where I don’t have to worry about being fired for saying crazy, off-the-wall stuff or reprimanded for speaking truth that may hurt someone’s feelings/be politically incorrect. I would also like to enjoy the fruits of my labor, and not have a large chunk of my income go to support a corrupt government and a bunch of parasites who would curse me, use me, or kill me as soon as look at me. I am tired of women being forced into positions in my field/squad in the name of “equality”, yet each time they are forced in, standards must be lowered, quotas must be raised, morale goes down, and sexual harassment malarkey/favoritism goes up.

I would like to be able to survive and thrive in an economy not over-regulated by the government, and be able to work with/hire who I want to work with/fire, without being forced to hire people because of government laws and quotas. If I know that I am prone to be very distracted by female colleagues, and I want to work in an all-male environment where sexual politics are not present, and sexual harassment claims are unlikely, because I understand the meaning of the phrase “Don’t mix business with pleasure”, I should not have to feel ashamed or hesitant to voice that opinion. I also should be able to find or start an operation like that with like-minded men who also understand the truth of biology, without Uncle Sam telling me I can’t (Ironically, if guys could do this kind of thing more freely, there would be fewer male coworkers for the females to worry about, meaning less possibility of unwanted attention/aggression from smaller numbers of men, leading to fewer sexual harassment claims and fewer instances of the women being offended when the men say something offensive).

If I do not want to give my hard-earned money to corrupt politicians, feminists, judges, policymakers, presidents, and lobbyists, none of whom share any of my interests, and all of whom are funded, in part, by my tax dollars, then I should be able to contribute only to the basic necessary functions of government (Law/order and territorial enforcement, upkeep of public structures/land, and the pay of the various officials and workers who do these things). However, I am frustrated.

I am frustrated because, under the current effective law of the land, I cannot practice these values and also be a law-abiding citizen. I am frustrated because there are entire well-paying industries which I a could only work in if I go against the beliefs and ideas expressed here; in effect, I must sacrifice my freedom for money. Given my skillset, this may mean that I am forced into jobs which I will never be satisfied by, and always, on some level, will be frustrated with. I am also frustrated because, as a regular Joe Blow, I am unsure of how to go about making a living in the way I desire without ending up in a jail cell or poorhouse somewhere.

On a deeper level, I am saddened and confused. I am unsure why to produce more than just enough for me to survive (and many guys can survive on less than $20k/year) if a lot of it will just go to causes and people whom I would never support voluntarily. I am unsure of why to be hyper-productive if women will just use me for what I have and then ditch me when they get bored/find a BBD (Bigger Better Deal). I also am disgusted at my nation’s trajectory and cultural/governmental filth and object to one red cent of my hard-earned money going to fund it in any way whatsoever. I am angry at my upbringing/culture for telling me that I should go to school, get a job, and then I’d find a good wife and family and we’d live happily-ever-after and blah blah blah. My unmitigated view of reality is at odds with what “they said” I should do. I have no desire to be an enabler or a slave. However, deep down, I still have ambition which burns in me, and a dream which the current zeitgeist stymies.

I do know this, however: My beliefs bar me from ever following a normal pattern of employment and moneymaking. Maybe this is a good thing.


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