The Apex Fallacy

-This one goes out to the youtuber known as Naked Ape. Thanks for pointing out what I forgot.

-This is a short one, mostly because this other post I did lays all the groundwork for it. In fact, this may be considered semantics, but there’s enough here to elaborate a little bit.

Basically, in that post I talked about how women can only “see” the top 20% of men who are attracted to them. I forgot to name this phenomenon: they call it is the Apex Fallacy. So when women complain about a lack of men, and men notice a huge abundance, it just means that there are few men at the top that they notice, while the men there are sexually invisible  to them. That’s pretty much it.

You can have some fun extrapolating this. For example, ask yourself…what if the 80% of men who are invisible to many women decided to just drop off the map entirely? What if men got angry at women’s constant complaints about “where have the men gone”? What if a lot of men decided that the Herculean effort needed to crack that 20th percentile is simply not worth the risks and quality of women up there? What if women got pickier and pickier in their prime reproductive years, so much so that they become effectively infertile? What if society’s lies about all this stuff failed to convince men anymore? What will the future look like after 20 more years of this stuff?

Fun questions indeed.


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