An Introduction and Rant (Guest Post by Mithrawnudo)

-Hello once again! Life has been a bit crazy lately, so I won’t be back to posting regularly until May, but fear not, as I have some super smart friends, and one of them has graciously agreed to do some guest posts on this blog from time to time. He brings a different kind of heat, and it is very warming. So, without further ado, I give you Mithrawnudo!


-Hello everyone. I go by Mithrawnudo (pronounced “mi-thrawn-oo-doe” for those that care) and the first person to guess where the name comes from gets a cookie. But to make things easier, you can just call me Mith (myth). I’m a friend of HolyHellfire here, and he’s invited me to rant and rave on his platform when he’s too busy being a productive member of society to bother getting on the interwebs. Personally, I think he’s insane giving me an outlet to speak my mind, so he must not actually want anyone to frequent this blog. So lets continue, shall we?

As most of my thoughts are just rants, you won’t see the link-tastic text with all these sources and examples, like what Hellfire does, in most of what I post. So don’t trust a word I say and go look things up and come to your own conclusions; I’m just speaking my piece. And Hellfire and I will probably disagree about a number of things, so power to him to allow someone with different opinions to hijack his baby and run with it down a busy street. I look forward to triggering you all.

This is dedicated to my roommates, who have had to listen to me froth at the mouth about this issue for far too long and are finally getting me out of their hair: thanks for putting up with me.

The first thing that’s been bothering me lately is this whole “left-right” spectrum and who is and who is not a “radical”. The whole thing is bullshit, but that’s only because one side (the left) controls the narrative around which we think about and discuss political and cultural topics. Wherever the Left is, that’s is what’s centrist and reasonable. Anything further left than the Left (socialism, communism, etc.) is the new “Left” and there’s no such thing as a radical leftist. Anything right of the Left (including the centrists) is territory of “right-wingers” and conservatives and Republicans, and without exception these people are the “radical right-wing extremists.” And God forbid you be an orthodox Christian, because then you’re more dangerous than ISIL. The very existence of things like the Rubin Report is proof of this shift that leaves reasonable people in the dust in pursuit of every ridiculous ideological utopianism.

The reasoning for this is all very simple. The Left has, since about 1913, always had the goal of pushing this country further towards classical progressivism aka socialism. The Right has, since that time, abandoned any attempts at principled stance and has merely acted as the occasional brake peddle on our race to doom. The Left always wants to go further left, until this election it’s become greatly apparent that there’s no longer any meaningful difference between the goals of the Democratic Party and socialist ideology. The Right has never bothered to stand for a damn thing in the past one hundred years and has been content to give concessions so long as we don’t head for the inevitable cliff quite so quickly as the Left wants, in return for a slice of that sweet Statist pie.

What people don’t seem to realize is that the Bush era was a huge shift to the left for the Republican party. If you go back and look at the rhetoric of the GOP in the 90’s it looks “radical” and “extremist” compared to the turn of the millennium. What we are seeing today is not a “radicalization” of the GOP, but a return to a slightly more conservative party of 20 years ago, which itself was not particularly radical.

And yet the inevitable march to Leftism and all those ruinous policies is not slowed one bit. And mark my words, in 10 years people like McCain and Christie will be seen as these horrible right-wing nutjobs, despite having more authoritarian or left leanings than the right has had even in recent history.

And the spectrum will once again shift. And we will continue this shift until someone, probably the libertarians if they can stop arguing amongst themselves about who is “purest” in libertarian doctrine, gets off their ass and stands up to these people.

-Thanks Mith. More later. Till then, keep the flames burning bright.


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