The Setup (Not Gonna Get It, Part 1)

-This is the first in a series of posts, and I’m just going to be honest here…this is my rebuttal to older folks asking me about marriage (and my parents too). Since they may read this, I’ll keep it (reasonably) clean. I dedicate this whole series to my parents, because they at least should understand why I decided to put off marrying.

-American society, culture, and law does not give a damn about its men. Marriage in its current form is a lie. Women are not ever made accountable for their actions, especially in the eyes of the law. Women have shirked their roles in relation to men. These are the four philosophical (and even religious, as theology will be discussed later on) bases of my reasoning that it is fundamentally stupid for a young man to marry in this day and age.

Furthermore, technology, medicine, and ideological changes in society in the last ~80 years have changed the entire landscape when it comes to how males and females relate to each other. There are new problems which have been created, and old ones which have been exacerbated. Overall, life in the West has gotten easier (in that it tends to be longer and less physically strenuous/risky), but more complex (in that relating to the opposite sex has become a seriously overcomplicated chore), especially if you are looking to go the traditional marriage route.

Subsequent posts will go into detail, but overall, women in America and the West are simply too much of a risk to marry, largely because of feminist-inspired laws, and the older generations have not figured this out. Those born some 50+ years ago often wonder why marriage rates are falling, yet fail to see that the answer to that question is right under their noses; there has been a deliberate effort in Western culture to cause this result, aided and abetted by technology and the modern zeitgeist, and the result of less marriage is very predictable; this should not be a surprise to anyone.

The short answer to the “why?” of low marriage rates  boils down to: Feminism and its influence on modern lawfare, the welfare state effectively replacing fathers and husbands (especially for younger/lower-class folks), The Pill, and Christians’ overall failure to stay married and not divorce willy-nilly. Additionally, an overarching theme looms large in all of this: Men hate (understandably so, but inexcusably nonetheless) to confront women and call them out/reprimand them when they are in the wrong. This goes double and more for Christian men. This is understandable (believe me, I have to deal with difficult women occasionally, and I’d much rather deal with men, because confronting women in this day and age is a royal pain). BUT, men set the tone, and if they continually concede ground to women and compromise values, they will reap the punishment for not setting good standards.

As was said, I will get into the nitty-gritty in future posts, but the basic idea is that marriage is down for a good number of reasons that are not hard to figure out, and people (especially Christians) should be taking notice and adapting (HINT: The Bible has VERY good counter-strategies that work for dealing with this mess, but men must be unafraid to confront women when the situation demands it). Make no mistake: overall, marriage is the best deal we currently have as humans (more on that later too), but only if done right, and competently. Currently, it is being done in neither of those ways, with but a few exceptions.

Next post, we will cover the ugly monster that is divorce. Stay tuned.


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