Why I’m Pro-Trump

This post is dedicated to my friend Mark. Hey, I’m sorry man, but I have to do it. I know it’ll make refugee lives harder, but there are no perfect solutions; only tradeoffs.

Assuming the party establishment hacks don’t steal the Republican nomination from Donal Trump (and yes I know that is a BIG assumption), I’ll be voting for him in November. I will also be chillin’ with some buddies and lots of pizza, chicken, and alcohol, in some apartment somewhere, watching him debate Hillary. I want to see him verbally rip that old criminal hag’s spine out and shove it down her throat. Just thinking about the ownage to come makes me laugh evilly. But why? Why am I so in favor of a man I not too long ago thought of as a joke candidate? Though I do support him, I also don’t. Here’s why.

To understand all of this, you must first understand my operative thesis: America does not give a f*ck about its men. Jobs for men are scarce, don’t pay all that well even when they do due to taxes and inflation (and I count SS, Medicare, ect. as taxes, considering they’re inslovent and most of us won’t be drawing them), and when you adjust for life choices, young women actually outearn young men in some areas, all while still getting oodles of special treatment and subsidies and much more. As usual, this goes double for Black folks. So if you are a young man who wants a wife and family, it is hard to support them and takes much longer to work up to that. In addition, as you have doubtless read from other posts, I contend that young women are, on the whole, unfit for marriage in this country. They seem to want to either let the government take care of them, or wait until they’re at least 29-30 to consider marrying, by which time most of them are not virgins, and all of them are contemptuous, because career.

Also, this country’s laws, policies, major institutions (from the church to the schools and colleges to the military to the movies to the jailhouse, and everywhere in between) are fundamentally biased towards women and against men. Even certain areas of speech are off-limits to men. Milo, in his many speeches and debates, constantly reiterates a point here: because he is a gay man, he can say things straight men could never get away with saying in the public sphere without being fired, dismissed as a loser, shamed, or ridiculed. This is an increasingly prescient point; young men do much prefer to say and write things anonymously because they know the repercussions of  doing so publicly. America in this day and age has a very similar feel to Salem of old, but this time straight men are the targets (even gay men, though they can speak more freely, still have their limits of censure).

These things are why young men are ever increasingly disappearing from public life and society; they know a raw deal when they see one, and would rather opt out. Feminists, egalitarianism, and progressive policy all favor women moreso than men, from theory to practice, and they know it. We all know it. We just can’t say so, because of Political Correctness. So we’d rather just disappear to our virtual reality or our worlds of sports, or drinking, or drugs, or general escapism. The girls and their legion of “empowered” principles and dogmas drive us away. No amount of sex can ever compensate for the ever more rabid nature of females and their ever more punitive daddy (the government) who allows them to accuse us of anything and be taken seriously. Yours truly has narrowly avoided prosecution himself, simply for not being good at flirting. And yes, she was Black. As always, the notice is that Black women are at least 4 times as crazy and vindictive (if you don’t believe me, try working customer service in areas where they live…*shudder*).

However, times are pressing. We are running out of places to retreat to. As always, Eve has finally found Adam, and she is closing in with her screaming. Me and my friends think 2012 was the year. We have no empirical data, but we noticed that that was when the feminizing started to take on a fever pitch. Many guys I know agree with me when we notice how sports channels have begun to be more and more fem-centric. The NFL makes its player wear pink now for October. The shows are more like reality TV. Prominent male commentators are getting fired for expressing dissident views. That’s not all, either.

Gamergate happened in 2014 and was brewing before then. The PC police have since been constantly intruding into video gaming, a very male (and nerdy!) arena. Here is one bit of data, actually:  In 2012 they widened the definition of rape. Feminists are setting up rape law so that women can use it as a weapon against men they don’t like, or men who they regret sleeping with. The UVA lies and other forays into frat culture have ramped up. Comedians can’t tell jokes anymore. Men in STEM fields and academia are routinely fired or tormented for what shirts they wear, comments they make that are factual but still deemed “too sexist”, or things they did 20 years ago that some news site dug up. And all the while, the government is spying on citizens more intrusively every day, and steadily trying to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

It is like they are forcing us to bow, and those of us who don’t are punished. I write this way because that is what many of us think. We also now see what could become of this nation if the progressives don’t stem the flow of ILLEGAL immigration and importation of Muslim male “refugees” into this country. To even be pro-nationalist or mention that nations need borders for a reason will get you salty looks from many.

Dalrock has mentioned many times in his blog the idea of masculine pride, and that feminists try to force women into everything so that men have nothing exclusive to them, whereas women, by biological and legal fact, hold exclusive ownership of the ability to birth children and the decision of if they will be born (my body my choice for them, but men get no choice…if the kid is born, you’re footing that bill one way or another). Say men are better than women and you get attacked. Say women are better than men and you get applause. Bill Maher was right.

When backed into a corner far enough, even animals know to fight back. When all exits are blocked and the mob is closing in, even the most cowardly soul will charge and swing. That is the number one drive of life: to survive. Quite simply, many men, myself included, feel that the walls are closing in. We see the migrant crises. We see more and more jobs going to women and less and less employment (at least, above the table…) going to men. We see the laws ever more against us in all arenas. We have a harder and harder time finding our own places to chill without feeling we have to self-censor. We have fewer and fewer strong, masculine role models. They push female empowerment 24/7, and they never once mention our plight. Well, if that’s how it’s gonna be…FUCK them.

If this is all one big shitshow with a bunch of bullshit claims…if this thing called America is a game where a few will make it but the average Joe doesn’t have a chance at a sweet Jane or children he knows are his, much less a good line of work…if America really doesn’t make shit anymore but just puts its hands in the next guy’s pocket (thanks Frank Sobotka)…and if we cannot have anywhere to drop off the radar to without the damned PC police and hyperfragile girls following us, then fuck it. LET’S FIGHT. We’re screwed anyway, and in no definition of living will you find our harried condition. In fact, many men right now are contemplating suicide because it seems men don’t have a place in this country anymore. I should know…not so long ago, I was one who used to stare into gun barrels and slash my skin with knives. It seems like women get all the good stuff in life by default, and most men only get the bad.

Trump ain’t anywhere near being a saint. I know that. We all know that. In a perfect world, no one like him should ever step within 100 feet of a presidential bid. He isn’t the most knowledgeable on the issues. He just got caught in a lie by Megan Kelly (a perfect example of an “empowered” harridan if there ever was one) about his university. His policies are a bit extreme. We know. And we don’t care. Many of us don’t like him…we just hate the system, the establishment, much more.

Politics is fundamentally bullshit in America. The same rich cocksuckers are in charge of things now as have been for years. We’ve had 8 years of Bush and now 8 years of “hope and change”, and we might be in for (God forbid) ANOTHER 4-8 years of Clinton. and if there is one saying that is very applicable, it’s “same shit different day.” Politics is 90% image, 5% booze, 4% sex (well…Bill made it a lot higher), and 1% substantive policy. As Detective Alonzo would say, “It’s 90 percent bullshit, but it’s entertaining.” Well, it is 90% bullshit, but for a large number of American men, it has long since stopped being entertaining.

It is not entertaining when they can make “forcible kissing” into a rape charge. It is not fun when they make hosts of laws that take my tax dollars and give them to some bitch I’d never even think of looking at, much less subsidizing, and who’d most likely just try to suck me dry anyway. It is not fun when H1B visa workers undercut wages that are already too low to live on, much less raise kids on. It is far from amusing when a man’s job effectively bars him from stating his opinions, because he fears for his employment prospects. It is not the slightest bit funny when some [even I won’t say that word] can accuse me of rape, with ZERO DAMN EVIDENCE, and I will still get thrown in jail. Except now, with Trump, it is.

When a society, legal system, and culture are so overtly hostile to you that you can no longer play nice or walk away, and then some guy comes along and pours gasoline all over it and gives you a lit match, you don’t think a nanosecond about what you’ll do next. Even better is when that guy does it entertainingly. I call that guy the Joker. You call him Donald J. Trump.

I could’ve made my point a million ways, but this way, you see it though the mind of a demographic that has been much maligned: American men. Not all, for sure, but at a base, biological level, we do all know what’s up, even if some of us would rather deny it. I give not one damn about Trump’s policies. Bush lied a lot, Obama lied more, and hell, Trump may not do anything he claims he’ll do, though I suspect he will at least try to for some of it. It’s all bullshit anyway! At worst, the same unelected tyrants will be making the same fucked up laws when he leaves office. We will still be drifting the same way we have been, because both parties actually agree on a lot of things We The People don’t like. That’s the game. Bullshit. But Trump makes it fun again.

Look at what he has already done! This man has led the charge straight at mainstream media. He verbally hands out ass-whoopings daily, even, in some cases, when he’s wrong! He has shown, like a light coming on, just how corrupt American media, journalism, and politics is. He openly dismisses political correctness by name, calls out reporters and moderators (and even gave Miss Kelly a much-needed verbal spanking), and needs no teleprompter to speak what he wants to, because, as crazy as he is, he does speak from his heart. His own party is now in an outright, no-holds-barred battle to keep him from nomination. He is making history in so many ways, and we’re just starting April! At this point, Trump will be remembered, if for no other reason than one: He has singlehandedly destroyed the Republican party as we know it. Whether they steal the nomination from him or not, the Republican party is about to lose millions of its base voters but good. Trump is already burnin’ the muthafucka down, and smiling all the while!


Finally, he is a true, confidant, arrogant, brutal, honest-to-God Alpha Male. His wife is smokin’ hot, his sons are very articulate (listen to their news interviews), and he has made the media his bitch via the Streisand Effect. The amount of hate he gets from all sides is why I even started looking at him seriously. As an aside, he will be the first president with sons we have elected in over 20 years if he wins. He is also the first politician since I don’t know when to shift the Overton Window rightward. Notice how he brings out aggression in those he deals with (i.e. “weak energy” Jeb), and how he commands attention, whether you love him or hate him. In fact, he is so polarizing that you must take a side!

So when I cast my ballot this year, I am not interested in policy (I have studied it, but I’m not interested first and foremost). I don’t care about scandals, lies, trade policy, and whatever else. I’ve seen the usual political song-and-dance, and to me, it’s all a game, and I certainly am no winner in it. As Trump would say, we have been losing at everything. Many men in this country have been shat on, lied to, and jailed when they lash out. We were lethargic and low energy, too…and then Trump came along. He, almost by his air alone, has given us hope. We watched, enrapt, as he began ripping the mask off of the corruption of our society. We saw as he took a can of gasoline and a sledgehammer and went to work. And this November, especially if he makes it through, we will have our lit matches.

As Alfred Pennyworth said, “…some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” You know what? Me, Donald John Trump, and an unnamed million other American men (and women…women love dominant men) are just such folks. America needs men who will not continue to patch a broken system. It is simply not worth saving. America needs a wrecking crew to destroy it all, and then we can start over. The time has come. Bring on the Joker.




One thought on “Why I’m Pro-Trump

  1. You make me sad. You are so good at putting pieces together, calling out what’s wrong with our culture, how as a nation we’ve gone astray from the natural order which God has set for us, and then with the next breath you talk about burning it all to the ground out of spite.

    You cite God’s word and and sound orthodox theology, but have forgotten that we are not a people of fear, anger, or destruction. We are supposed to be a people of Hope, bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth. Our citizenship is not of this world, therefore there’s no need to be overly anxious about it. We don’t need Trump to destroy the political sphere, or overturn the current culture. We don’t have to watch our country “burn”. We could actually give a damn about principles and the people who have them and are willing to run for office and perhaps build something better. Take back our country that’s actively falling into the abyss. The plunge is not inevitable.


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