Why Not?

-Apologies for the lull…life is crazy. Here’s another one. I dedicate this one to B & J. Two awesome women who finally woke me up. Note that there is cussing in this one, so language warning up front.


So I’ve been heavily imbibing politics lately, as this election cycle is really beginning to heat up. This will be, regardless of what else happens, the craziest, most colorful, and most extreme season in American politics since the 60s. People are angry, and they are past talking; they are making moves. A huge benefit of that though, is that the media has been violently dragged, kicking and screaming, away from its usual talking points, and closer to the reality of America’s desperation. People who may otherwise not have become politically active (such as myself) have begun seeing into just how crazy this system of American politics really is, and they are waking from inactivity and moving forward. In particular, Adam is waking up. In light of all this, as peoples’ eyes are opened to a lot of cold, ugly truths, I will throw my hat into the ring of provocateurs with my list of nasty things to say as well, with a soft Christian emphasis and much vulgarity. The following are some fundamental truths no one seems to like to speak on:

-The United States of America does not give one flying fuck about its men and boys.

-The two-party system is a complete sham through and through.

-Women vote for big government because they don’t want to be accountable to husbands.

-Educated women don’t tend to have children, and they wait until they are very old if they do, and they will have very few when they are old. Therefore if a nation wants to get its women to bear children it should not push them into excess education.

-Educated women with careers and no (legitimate) kids will be the death of the West.

-The Christian church in America is, by and large, hilariously impotent.

-The Black Christian church in America is, by and large, a pimp game, Black pastors being the pimps, and their 85% female congregants being the hoes.

-Christians in America do not give a fuck about marriage, because they refuse to address this nation’s marital laws, yet still marry legally. On this point I am particularly irate, because NEVR in my life have I heard a Christian pastor speak on the USA’s corrupt divorce laws and courts, the fact that divorce is a $50 BILLION/year industry, or the fact that marital law does influence marriage.

-Women, “empowered” by feminism, have much trouble submitting to men in general. Black American women outright refuse to do so altogether (and will remain unmarried for this reason).

-American Christian men tend to be unable to call women (specifically their wives) out on their bullshit, and this feeds into why young men won’t marry; we don’t want to be bitches. Note that, as in the example of weak, henpecked husbands, men can be bitches too.

-Men in general need to call women out on their bullshit and resist the urge to capitulate in order to get their approval/laid, because women have really got their heads stuck up their asses these days.

-When men do call women out on their bullshit, they get respect.

-When men do not call women out on their bullshit, you get weak bitches of husbands, and after a while, you get third-wave feminism.

-Weak husbands give marriage a really bad name to guys. As an aside, fuck the TV trope of the incompetent husband. “Father knows best” needs a comeback.

-Chivalry IS dead, and women DID kill it (H/T Dave Chappelle), by not holding up their end of the bargain (yes, women had rules in chivalry too, but we forget those and only ever talk about the men’s side of it). Modern women in America are not worth chivalry, and modern men in America are catching on.

-This goes quadruple for dealing with Black American women; being a criminal will actually get them moist, while being a gentleman will get you friendzoned real quick.

-Secular sources do a better job fighting and highlighting marital injustices against (mostly ex-) husbands than Christian ones do.

-In the 21st century, alimony is utter horseshit.

-This generation of American women are almost utterly unmarriageable, and that is why this generation of men will not marry them. Fuck manning up, the women need to “woman up”. Also, they need to put those damned smartphones down, get in the gym, and lose some damn weight.

-Fat women are gross and men do not like them without desperation and extreme beer goggles.

-Fat acceptance is idiotic, unhealthy, and disgusting.

-Without her phone, the average American young woman would die in 30 minutes. Trust me.

-A female having a career before having a family is this generation of women’s 11th Commandment.

-As time marches forward, most low-to-middles class women will find that they are unable to find marriage partners after having started their careers.

-In other words, women must decide if they want careers or families first, because they can’t really do both at once.

-Black American women are, by far, the most insane, psychopathic group of females in the nation, if not the world.

-A lot of guys silently avoid Black women or only deal with them for sex because they don’t want to deal with their horrible attitudes.

-Black women in general could be awesome but for their fatness, attitude/bitchiness, promiscuity, and that damned weave they put in their heads.

-More than just Black men notice how bad Black women have gotten overall, and this will come back to bite them later on.

-Black females fall into 2 categories in this generation: Educated/Professional, unmarried, and childless, or welfare-dependent, bastard children having, and equally unmarried. Black women don’t do marriage.

-Black women are a stellar example of what happens when women are functionally severed from men. It ain’t a pretty picture, folks.

-If it weren’t for affirmative action, welfare, child support (a.k.a. Hoe support), subsides, tax breaks, and government jobs, “Strong, Independent Women” (SIWs) would be starving, freezing hags.

-Feminism and all its lies are 110% Grade A bullshit, but saying so WILL get you fired.

-Feminism is also just Marxism with lipstick.

-We do not really have freedom of speech in the US; you can be jailed for saying the wrong opinions. This applies doubly to men.

-College is mostly a scam, and is basically finishing school for girls, with a few exceptions (and I say this as someone in college now…if I had it to do over, I’d do tech school in a heartbeat).

-There is a HUGE difference between having letters by your name and being educated.

-Men and women are different, and this has huge implications. It is telling when facts like this one will get men (and even some women) shamed, harassed, and fired if they say them.

-Women will always follow men, so wherever men go, women will eventually try to feminize their spaces. MGTOW won’t work forever…one day we must confront them, else there won’t be a pool for us to be poolside enjoying the decline at.

-At some point, men will have to stop withdrawing from society, smack down the State and feminism, and reclaim leadership of America, or they will be overrun like Europe.

-As a corollary to the above point, I will thoroughly enjoy it when Trump (rhetorically) beats the ever-loving shit out of that smug, criminal bitch this November.

-As long as we have the welfare state, we will continue to see more single mothers. The welfare state is government stealing husbands’ and fathers’ role.

-To add insult to injury, men are the ones who mostly pay for the very government which is bullshitting them, as men pay the VAST majority of taxes.

-Laws are much more punitive, and more punitively applied, towards men, because humanity fundamentally gets that men are much more aggressive and dangerous than women. American laws claim to be pro-equality while doing this, however, and thus lie.

-Equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcome, which is fundamentally wrong and impossible, but is what feminism/liberalism/progressivism wants.

-A lot of men are silently angry, and one day they will take action (you are seeing this with the rise of Trump).

-Finally, if those snide, upstart, establishment hacks steal the Republican nomination from Trump, it will show just how false the idea is that the American people have the power to pick their leaders.

I leave you with this: I am that beta male. I just recently left the friendzone for the last time, and have decided to forego flirting with/dating with Black American women altogether, and go MGTOW for a while, because I realized how much I’d have to change myself was not worth those women. I am an INTJ, and Black women give zero fucks about intelligence if there’s no money or big muscles to go with it (they do once they get older, but fuck waiting that long, and fuck marrying a women who was promiscuous). I have had my ass handed to me more than I will ever recall and for over a decade I was a simp. I make no excuses. But no more.

It is fundamentally stupid to continue pursuing a group of people who could care less about you, especially when doing so threatens your mental (and in some cases physical) health. I finally had to quit letting my junk be my compass and realize that I was wasting my time with the whole “nice guy” shit. Understand that especially in Black America, nice guys are fucked. That is why the ‘hood is full of Black men killing each other, and that is why Black men do so much violent crime; Black women will fuck thugs. They will much less frequently fuck gentlemen (unless you’re up there with Idris, but that takes years of unappreciated toil to achieve, while dealing drugs or killing a nigga just takes a few hundred dollars and some hustle).

When you look at the Black community today, you see the Pareto principle in full effect: 80% of women get with 20% of men, leaving a large segment of young, unattached, unparented, unguided, and thus violent young men. Marriage works so well because it distributes men and women much more equally, giving many millions more men a stake in and reason to build up society. It restrains the darker aspects of human sexuality. Without it, all of the world turns into Detroit. Look at any successful society in the wold, and you will find marriage. The bastardized version of it that we have in the USA is not real marriage, either.

In the midst of this lies one good thing: You learn that you are free to not care. If there was one thing I gained from my tragic failures at Black love, it was this: I am free. They don’t (romantically) give two shits about me, so I am free. I am free to call them on their bullshit. I am free to not waste time and waste money in clubs and bars on girls who won’t leave their phones. I am free to do what I want and not care if it impresses them. The core point: I can do and say what I want, when I want to, because they wouldn’t have given a fuck either way!

They call this mindset outcome independence. That is what Trump is doing; the media will slander and hate on him anyway, so why not diss them back? Why not say exactly what you feel? There is no way to go but up. Why not start that side hustle? Why not ignore it when they ask you about marriage? Why not school them back? Why not go randomly drive to Tennessee just because? Heck, why not enjoy life? The women don’t care anyway. As a broader application, people don’t much care anyway. So live your life. Go out there and do something. So what if you don’t feel like doing college? Honestly, if you’re not in STEM or medicine or some of business school, a college degree really ain’t much. Just some girls playing dress up and using big words that mean nothing. You’d be farther ahead than them in a million ways if you just did plumbing school, really.

And the funny thing of it all is…once you embrace that mindset, girls come around a lot more often.


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