In 20 Years, College Will Be Finishing School For Women

This is gonna be a short one, dedicated to my 3 teenage cousins who are likely college-bound. Good luck, y’all!

The data bear this out. The girls do higher ed much more than the boys. I never do hear feminists seeking to rectify this gender gap either, but I digress. Note that the good news for the boys it that the girls tend to major in lower paying fields, so yes they are more likely to have that piece of paper, but in general it doesn’t really “amount” to that much. Don’t let the prideful attitudes fool you, either, boys, because it’s you who she’s gonna expect to pay her student loans (ha!). College or no college, women just flat spend more money than men do. There’s a reason God tells us men to do the providing, and not the government. In the words of Aaron Clarey, stay frosty boys. Stay the freak frosty! Also I’ll plug his book about worthless majors here.



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