What Black Lives Matter Is Really About

First of all, I, like a larger and larger number of Americans, am sick and tired of this “movement”. It is simply devastating. I could break the Internet ranting on this, but this guy does it better. So, after seeing his factual presentation, I am just going to make some philosophical points I haven’t really heard made about them.

First, Black Lives Matter (Henceforth abbreviated as BLM) is Black American culture’s Donald Trump movement. As a quick summary, the main reason why Donald Trump is so popular these days (And why I am VERY tempted to vote for him) is because a lot of people are fed up with our current system of government (a.k.a. “The Establishment”), and Trump has an appeal as a blunt strongman who may destroy the current corrupt establishment. I would compare him to the Joker; he is already bringing major chaos to this 2016 election cycle.

Well, BLM is an expression of rage, funded by an anarchist (George Soros). If you look at the ideological positions, actions, and demands of this movement, you will notice a lot of inconsistency, disorganization, chaos, and outright falsehood. When viewed from a logical standpoint, BLM is nonsensical on its face. However, when viewed in light of the current quagmire of much of Black America, it becomes much more clear why BLM has such support. I will not get too into statistics here, but overall Black America is a hot mess in 2016. If I had to describe it mathematically, it’s like a skewed distribution curve: A precious few are doing well, a few are doing okay, and the vast majority are living in hell. The ins and outs of what caused this and why it is the case are details I will cover in a future series of posts (scheduled for release closer to the summer), but the point is that a lot of Black folk are down-and-out, and they are angry. They feel like Hispanics are passing them by economically and politically (and they would be correct in feeling this way); they feel marginalized, ignored, and increasingly desperate.

Their actions have a lot to do with this, but the Left has indoctrinated most Blacks into blaming others (racism) for their problems, instead of finding or creating solutions. I personally got into a heated dispute with a Black man a while back over whether Blacks are at least partially to blame for their current crisis, and overall even suggesting this will get you crossways with more than a few Black folk, sadly. Herein lies the reason so many on the Left congregate around and accept the BLM movement: A victim class (Blacks) is increasingly troubled, and is inclined to blame others for its problems, rather than being proactive and seeking solutions, which is admittedly harder up front, but would be much more helpful overall. This situation is a jackpot for the Leftist narrative, as they can milk much political, economic, and discourse-shifting gain out of it.

Logically, this victim class always needs a target for its blame. In the past, this was “the Man” or “systemic racism” (not to say those things aren’t to blame, but most of Blacks’ problems have nothing to do with either of those boogeymen), or some other vague, abstract thing that could never quite be pinned down. Well, desperation has set in, and something more concrete is needed. Black incomes are down, murders and homicides are up, education in many (if not most) predominately Black areas is atrociously bad, and gangbangers rule the roost in many inner cities, where lifespans rival Third World status. An abstract boogeyman ain’t enough anymore; people are angry, and they must have blood. Enter the White policeman/security guard.

As an aside, I especially despise how this “movement” is destroying all of the social capital the Civil Rights Movement built. Putting questions of if that was a good goal to attain aside, the Civil Rights Movement did achieve much for oppressed people in America, especially Blacks. It opened a new window of racial discourse in this country, which BLM is currently burning down and stomping on quicker than Usain Bolt can sprint. I fear that this movement is causing an increasing number of nonblacks to be more racially hostile to Black people, and be less open to honest discourse. When we are all screaming at each other, no progress on unifying is possible. Perhaps the biggest damage BLM is doing is that it is justifying a lot of real racism and stirring a lot of quiet anger from a number of people who may have been favorable to Blacks before, but are seeing the increase in depravity and decadence of Black culture. They are quietly deciding to opt for bullets and barricades (both physical, mental, and ideological), instead of honest back-and-forth discourse. This is a crime of the highest degree, and BLM members should be ashamed of themselves for promoting it.

Another thing to note is the vitriol and almost primal rage that these groups exhibit. They violently oppose those who they don’t like, and mob tyranny is common when enough BLM supporters gather. This, I think, is simply a more dressed up expression of the blind rage that a lot of lower (and middle) class Blacks feel at their current situation as juxtaposed against that of wealthier, more successful (and lighter-skinned) ethnic groups in America. The media and anarchists whip this rage into a frenzied cacophony of violent action, and some use it to their advantage and material gain, but the increasing desperation of much of Black culture makes many Blacks in America like WWI Serbia: a powder keg primed to explode at the slightest provocation. The worse the decay of Black culture and the greater the downward spiral of overall Black wellbeing, the more numerous, vitriolic, and intense movements like these will become. A near monolithic devotion to the political Left serves to amplify this even more; If the Dems/liberal media push an agenda, they know most Black folks will unquestioningly accept it. In fact, many liberal Democrats hold very racist views on Blacks as their obedient lap-dogs, which come to light whenever a Black person voices an opinion they do not like (i.e. Barbara Boxer). If they were to push an agenda which incited, say, inner-city Black citizens to riot over a perceived slight (truth of the slight notwithstanding), well…you might get another burned-down Black city center, but you would also see Jesse and Al with fatter pockets and better TV gigs.

The last point (out of the 60 swirling in my head…this is such a rich source of material!) is that BLM is a front-row view into the descent into madness that has occurred for Black women overall. I actually have to thank a certain blue-blooded friend of mine for this one. The basic idea is  that Black women are increasingly frustrated that they cannot be women in the traditional sense, but they are also too prideful (in many cases) to admit this, as doing so would go against their joy of being “Independent” (of a man for provisioning). So, they are increasingly frustrated, and they vent more and more violent forms of their frustration in movements like this. To link back to my posts about Feminism and Original Sin, in Black culture, Eve has fully (with the aid of government welfare and enforcement) usurped Adam’s role as the head of the family, and has actually pushed him out almost entirely, and this is driving her to insanity.

Look at who founded BLM (Soros just financed them). Look at who took Bernie Sanders’ mic. Look at who is on the news and in the halls of Academia screaming vitriolic nonsensical phrases. Black. American. Women. Some Black men and liberals are the foot soldiers, and Anarchists add fuel to the fire, but this movement is led by Black women. It is an outlet for them; they have, by and large, no husbands, no real male companions (who aren’t, as Bill Maher would say, gayer than Little Richards’ underpants), and their sons are dying daily. Sure, they can claim to be “Strong and Independent”, but that was never what women were meant to be. The same animus that leads to Black men killing each other at nation-leading rates in ‘hoods all over America is the same animus that causes these Sistas to have what amount to huge emotional outbursts: they are not able to fulfill their roles, and in their heart-of-hearts, they know this and are ashamed.

BLM is, in a way, a mirror image of the rise of Donald Trump. America is seething with vitriol, so much so that many people care not what the facts are, or about the logical arguments and proofs. A few clever devils use this to their advantage and misguide many with emotionally-charged rhetoric, but again, people are angry. Many feel marginalized, betrayed by the very institutions originally designed to serve them, and seeing no solution to their problems in sight. And they want blood. Unfortunately, at present, it looks like cooler heads may not prevail, and they just might get it.


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