Why I Will Be Writing About Black Culture A Lot

Well, because of this for one…and this, this, this…and this.

But overall, because it doesn’t really get much honest play in the mainstream media outlets. There aren’t that many bloggers/writers who cover a lot of the in-depth complexity of a very vibrant, yet chaotic culture, and it needs to be covered. Ebony magazine (liberal sham that it now is) came about originally for much the same reason. Nobody was talking about Black folk and their culture with some depth and gravitas, and so along came John H. Johnson to do just that.

Mind you, now, that this will by no means be my only topic. Far from it; you have Obsidian for that…though if he isn’t still writing, I may step it up some, because, as I said, it needs covering. However, the decline of modern Black culture into the dystopian, single-mother dominant, welfare state-dependent fiasco that it is now mired in is a canary in the coal mine of modern American decline overall, and because we see a lot of the full measure of fallen humanity’s traits in this culture. We also see some great, bright, shining exceptions to the despair as well, and those lives and stories need covering too. Actually this may spin off into another blog, now that I think about it.

One last note: Read enough of my prosaic style, and the people and things I reference, and dig around, and you may just find another reason why…


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