The Spark (Introduction)

All things must begin somewhere, and if these thoughts, rants, and streams of rambling do not end up in the written word somewhere, I would take them to my grave. I hope that you, the Reader, can draw some substance out of the posts which will follow.

I am an angry man. For reasons which you will no doubt discover later, I am very jaded, flummoxed, and disillusioned. However, I have also learned some wit and worked some odd jobs. I also am currently slogging through the chaos that is the modern collegiate scene. My background combined with all of these things have all combined to produce a most unusual mix of ideas, which until now I have been too jaded to pen. No more. The anger and angst has lit my fire and my Muse, and neither will allow me to rest until I write.

I do not know how long I will do this, but I know that until my flame is snuffed out or slowly dies away, I will keep at it. This project will grow and evolve over time, as things are wont to do, but it will burn brightly.

A final note as to the nature of my Muse…of the spark which set me ablaze. I have (for numerous reasons) been living how I live for some years now. As such, I have seen some light, but I have seen much more darkness. I have seen men driven to near (and heard of them committing successful) suicide. I have seen young men in utter despair. I have seen the ugly side of college, and a bit of the dark side of my home nation, the USA. Here, men are maligned. Young men consume porn, virtual reality, drugs, alcohol, and even prostitution/sexual hedonism to drown out and escape their misery. The days of a man being the head of his house, and respected by his culture, and able to earn a decent living without selling his very masculinity, well, those days are long since burnt up in smoke. This hellish culture kills mens souls daily. It also has produced some of the most repulsive, vulgar, deceitful, exploitative, disrespectful, shallow, corpulent, and downright reprehensible women that this world has seen in a long while.

I write because I am not the only young, disillusioned, and jaded young man. We are a silent legion. We watch our birthright being stolen from us. We watch the mainstream crush our hopes and dreams, then attempt to lead us on into an insidious set of smoke and lies. We watch our women become ever more insufferable and vile. And we are despondent, but we are all, deep down, very inflamed with a deep, visceral rage. Perhaps this blog will serve to bring some light to our darkness, because if we do not as a society change our ways and begin respecting our men again, I fear that a lot of young, angry men will one day burn all of our freakshow of a culture to the ground. And we will leave nothing untouched by our fire.


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