Nuclear Warfare and Masculine Decline

This is one of a few of my earlier writings, before the fire ignited. I also must thank my brother for being, in a way, the indirect inspiration for me to ignite. Thank you, Brother.

I would argue that one large cause of our current masculine stagnation and the rise of the tyrannical feminist horde stems from nothing more than technology. Since the first nuke was detonated in the 1940s, the world has entered into a sort of posturing; an uneasy peace. Basically, the world powers are in a big Mexican standoff, because if any one country uses its nukes, the others will too, and then Fallout may become more than just a video game series. Therefore, modern warfare has changed drastically, and is now much less about actual fighting than it is about political posturing, because no one (not even North Korea) really wants to be blown and irradiated to smithereens. Perhaps this is a part of why men’s roles in general have become so vilified and attacked in the last 50-60 years; technology really has supplanted us in a way, and in Western culture especially, we are simply taken for granted if not outright ignored and shamelessly exploited.

We are in an equilibrium of sorts, yet many of us are deeply unhappy, and many of us drink, smoke, and waste away with porn and virtual reality because in real life we are left unsatisfied. Modern society screams for “gender equality”, insists that men have no unique roles (because it is hell bent on shoehorning women into EVERYTHING that was formerly considered “men only” for some reason), and above all else, asks nothing from its men. Many of us feel that we are like nice rims on a car; we may look good, but we serve no functional roles that women cannot also fill. So we drift, and too many of us may even kill ourselves.

I hold out a speck of hope only because of this: With the way the feminists are stomping on men’s freedoms and straight up disrespecting our [former] roles, and the way the government is slowly but surely trying to strip us of our rights, and is using the feminists and the welfare system to erode due process and tear men from their roles as providers, maybe they will step too far. Maybe they will finally piss off the wrong guy and begin a chain reaction, and maybe enough guys will wake up to the fact that they are being used and exploited, and maybe this will awaken the old fight in them that lies dormant. Just maybe…until then, I find my rest in the teachings of Christ, which give all men strength, purpose, and dignity.


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